Brokers Alliance, Inc. The Retirement BRAIN User Agreement

By agreeing to The Retirement BRAIN User Agreement Relating to the access to The Retirement BRAIN Intellectual Property, Life Insurance and Annuity Production, Carrier Contracts and Non­Competition (the “Agreement”), the undersigned (“Producer”) represents, warrants, acknowledges and agrees as follows:

I. Production

i. The Retirement BRAIN will be made available at no monthly charge, as long as the Producer settles a majority (51% or more) of their Index Universal Life premium through Brokers Alliance, Inc. every calendar quarter.

ii. New business must be submitted within 30 days of joining The Retirement BRAIN.

iii. Submitted business within the first 90 days of enrollment must show the Producer is on target for their annual settled premium requirement as indicated in (I.i).

iv. If settled production goals are not met at the end of six months from the time of enrollment, the Producer will be terminated from the The Retirement BRAIN program at the discretion of Brokers Alliance, Inc.

v. Production is evaluated on a calendar quarterly basis. The Producer will receive an update from Brokers Alliance, Inc. via email and phone call.

II. Required Carrier Contracts  

i. The Producer is required to contract with the carrier(s) indicated by their Brokers Alliance, Inc Agent Relationship Manager. Brokers Alliance, Inc. reserves the right to request additional carrier contracts if it is in the best interest of the client.

ii. Dual contracting will not be permitted for the carriers referenced in this agreement. Cancellation confirmation of the additional contract must be submitted to Brokers Alliance, Inc.

iii. Proof of contract release request must be submitted to Brokers Alliance, Inc

III. Non ­ Compete

i. Production from the required carrier contracts must be submitted to Brokers Alliance, Inc. when sales result from marketing or use of Brokers Alliance, Inc. marketing brands such as but not limited to The Retirement BRAIN.

ii. Use of The Retirement BRAIN intellectual property, including but not limited to, sales tools, calculators, fact finders, needs analysis tools, agent training videos, consumer videos, customized presentations, and seminars is not permitted for sales outside of Brokers Alliance, Inc.

iii. Abuse of The Retirement BRAIN User Agreement will result in termination of this agreement and potential recovery of commissions or damages resulting by violations of this agreement.

iv. Brokers Alliance, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to The Retirement BRAIN User Agreement, and will provide written notification of the changes to the Producer.